Body Scanners


The above cartoon is supportive of increased security and suggests that potentially devastating consequences can arise when governments favour the protection of individual rights. It is clear from the cartoon that the cartoonist supports the safety and security of the population. A sarcastic tone is conveyed which reinforces the cartoonists pro-government involvement with airport security measures and legislations. The sarcasm is shown from," What's the GOOD news?" which hints that more security measures are needed for the wellbeing of society. The cartoon explains how the woman died from a plane crash caused by terrorist activities which depicts the idea of the failure to protect and ensure the woman's safety. The cartoonist would likely agree with the beliefs of Canadian government officials who enacted the No Fly List as a means of protection. The above cartoon raises the concern and question as to whether the safety and security of the majority of the population outweighs the individual rights and freedoms of the citizens. The cartoonist holds a more liberalist perspective and favours the involvement of the government in the lives of its citizens, especially when dealing with security measures. The overall message being portrayed from the source is that individual rights and freedoms are not as important as the protection of citizens from terror. The above source relates to modern liberalism in that it suggests more government involvement for security and it acknowledges individual rights and freedoms as important, but not as important as the safety of millions of people. The source believes it is essential to protect, retain, and secure principles of liberalism and this is evident from the lack of security being shown. The cartoonist is definitely a supporter of increased security and would argue for the safety and security of Canadians over their minor and less serious freedoms.


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