Patriot Act


In this cartoon illustrated by Clay Bennett, the problem that is being addressed is Freedom of Privacy vs. Security. The message is that the government’s view on security does not represent the views of the people. The government wants to create more security by taking away the freedom of privacy, and the citizens do not agree with their actions. This cartoon is most likely from the point of view from a classical liberalist because the cartoonist does not agree with the government restricting individual rights and freedoms and that is one of the major characteristics of classical and modern liberalism.

The cartoon is clearly about security vs. freedom because the privacy is represented by the house and the security by the fences. The workers are peeling away the wood of privacy and building a security fence. The workers represent the government or authority because the government ensures that their citizens are safe and secure, and that is what the workers are trying to do in the cartoon. Also, governments create security policies, just like how the workers are building a security fence. The people in the house represent the citizens, and are not sure if giving up their freedoms for security is the best thing because they have a questionable even sad looks on their faces, clearly showing they are unsure about the actions of the workers. This represents citizen’s questionable attitude toward actions of the government such as the Patriot Act, because some citizens feel that it has the potential threat to personal liberties because it suppresses rights of minorities especially the citizens with ethnic heritage similar to those who initiated the 9/11 acts. On the other hand the people in the cartoon are not doing anything to stop the workers from dismantling their house. Defiantly showing that even though citizens are questionable about the government’s security policies they have no power to go against the government. By restricting the right to privacy the government is acting in illiberal ways, and rejecting liberal policy of individual rights and freedoms and private property. This is clearly shown in the cartoon because the workers are trespassing on the people’s property and figuratively restricting their freedoms by fencing them in. As you can see this cartoon is in support of individual rights and freedoms, and is against governments increased security policies that take away rights and freedoms from people.

What it represents?
Government: this is because they are building a “security policy” out of a fence.
People in the house
Security policies like Patriot Act created by the government to protect their citizens.
Privacy rights


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